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Last night, after Summer Weapons Retreat was over, [ profile] esrblog and I headed out with a crowd of our weapons-retreat friends to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part 2" at a local theater.

I really enjoyed the movie, though I recognize that, as a movie, it has definite flaws. The first 10 minutes or so include scenes from the book that were not set up at all by the movie (and weren't set up much by HP7 Part I, IMHO) and will undoubtedly confuse anyone who has no knowledge of the books. After that, however, the movie is mostly action until the finale, and is reasonably coherent.

To accomplish this, director David Yates and his band of moviemakers concentrated on several key anchor points--the siege of Hogwarts, the destruction of Voldemort at Harry's hands--and cheerfully threw over the side anything that didn't serve those objectives. Where necessary, they wrote new plot to add a sense of connectivity and paper over the gaps in exposition. The end result worked, largely because they were consistent in spirit with the actual events in the book and with the tone of Hogwarts--both visually and otherwise--as the prior movies have established them. The scenes that the filmmakers chose to present appear pretty much as they appeared in the book, and, as we've come to expect, were stunningly well done. To my surprise, the favorite scene of mine from Book 7 that I never expected them to include is among them.

There is a lot of destruction. I've read that Yates attempted to give the aura of a city under siege by turning to images of World War II, particularly the bombing of Dresden, and through a lot of the movie our heroes pick their way through rubble and flaming wreckage that does indeed look like a WWII movie about the Resistance. But that is perfectly consistent with Rowling's story; she supplies a Hogwarts resistance to Snape's administration, complete with its own radio station, and Yates has the good sense to highlight the Hogwarts resistance as a Resistance, adding those nuances from our legends of the Second World War.

There are themes Yates simply threw away. I can't describe them at all without engaging in major spoilers, and I don't really have the energy to go into them here under a cut. If anyone is interested, please comment, and in two weeks I'll write a new post to discuss them.

Overall, the Potter finale is a reasonable, if not perfect, end to the tale told in the movie series, though it will not suit every Potter fan's taste. Go and see it for yourself.
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