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Remember my recent annoyed post about sequelitis? Well, I may have been partly wrong. Tonight, [ profile] esrblog and I went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets, the sequel to the 2004 movie with Nicolas Cage as the history nerd who turns himself into a James Bond figure to find the lost treasure of the Templars.

The sequel was surprisingly good, though it was so packed with homages to various scenes in National Treasure that it might irritate some people. As in the original movie, the puzzles that Cage's character and his friends solve are clever, though they came out at a more breakneck pace than in the original movie (and thus have to be, and are, solved almost instantaneously). [ profile] esrblog thought the female lead's acting was much better than in the original movie--so much so that he assumed they'd chosen a different actress for the role until I checked both movies on IMDB and confirmed that Diane Kruger plays Cage's curator girlfriend in both.

I won't attempt to describe the plot, partly to avoid a long spoiler-hiding cut, but mostly because there's no reason to; if you saw the original movie and liked it, you'll like this one also. There is one small spoiler I'm irresistibly tempted to give, but that will require only a very small LJ cut. It turns out that there is a line in Book of Secrets to top the line, "I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence," from the original movie. Now, what, might you ask, could that line possibly be?

The answer is.... )
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I've learned that two fun movies that should never have been tortured into sequels have already been sequelized; one back in October, the other very soon.

The one about to be ravaged is National Treasure, in which Nicolas Cage managed to make the line "We're going to steal the Declaration of Independence," sound like the beginning of a spirited adventure, not naked gobbledygook. Yes, it's time for National Treasure 2--Book of Secrets, which clearly hopes to do for the Civil War what the original movie did for the American Revolution. I have a bad feeling about this.

The one whose sequel came out back in October is Elizabeth and the sequel is, of course, Elizabeth--The Golden Age. The original movie (which I belatedly rented) was not bad, though since I'm fairly familiar with Elizabeth's actual reign it didn't strike me as particularly historical. Instead, it was a kind of impressionistic evocation of what it must have been like for the young Elizabeth Tudor to learn the kind of emotional repression and statecraft that were necessary for a woman to survive as a 16th century monarch. I'm told that Golden Age applies the same treatment--the exact same treatment, with a still young and beautiful Cate Blanchett--to Elizabeth's late middle age. If the stills are anything to judge by, the results are horrendous.

Oh when will Hollywood learn that sometimes a good movie is just a movie, and not a franchise?
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