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It's been snowing here since about 1 P.M. (It may still be snowing, but I can't tell from where I'm sitting, and don't feel like going outside to make sure.) There were lots of flakes and slush, and since that kind of snow sticks to the trees first, Malvern and environs have a very picturesque postcard look right now.

On the other hand, it's supposed to go down to 26 degrees F tonight. Maybe bad time shoveling tomorrow.

On the gripping hand (as fans of Larry Niven sometimes say), the temperature is supposed to rise to 40 degrees F tomorrow! Maybe no shoveling, if it stays that high for long enough.
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I said we had flurries here yesterday, right?

The flurries started again this morning, and now we have about 3 inches. So it's really winter, after all.

Not ready yet....
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I remember that on February 2, 2006, it was a sunny day. By tradition, if the Groundhog can see his shadow on February 2 (i.e., if it's a sunny day), there will be six more weeks of winter. Surprisingly, it looks like that's exactly what we're in for. After a mild December, and one of the warmest Januarys on record in this area, we finally had our first real snow of the winter. It started snowing yesterday afternoon, snowed all night, and stopped this afternoon, leaving us with about a foot of snow to shovel after it was over.

Naturally, we didn't bother getting up until about 2:00 p.m. At that point, we realized that if we didn't hurry up and become vertical, it would get dark and the snow might start freezing, which would trap my car in the driveway, making it impossible to get anywhere we can't walk for at least 24 hours.

Spurred by the thought of Sunday brunch at our favorite bookstore-with-cafe (which is about 8 miles from our house), we showered and dressed and emerged to fight the drifts. 40 minutes later and $35 poorer (having secured the aid of an adolescent neighbor who is supplementing his college fund by helping to dig the rest of us out of our driveways), we were able to back the car out and slowly drive to brunch in the nearly deserted bookstore-with-cafe (which is called Chester County Book & Music Company, in case anybody's interested). Brunch was even tastier than usual, after all the hard work we'd put in to liberate my car.

Now we're back here, and we plan to use the snow as an excuse to stay close to home! or play games! or something fun. Nothing like an excuse for a little holiday. Though it's warm enough now that the excess snow has mostly melted off the walks we've shoveled.

In other news, my left rear tire went completely flat yesterday, for no apparent reason. Fortunately, I discovered the flat while we were in West Chester (at the same bookstore-with-cafe, by coincidence!) and we were really close to a tire store that was able to patch and reinflate the tire for under $30. I need to replace that tire Real Soon Now, though.
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