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[ profile] esrblog and I just got back from TCEP 16.

TCEP is a small gaming convention run by old friends of ours for ...all of their friends. For 16 years, it's been held every Labor Day weekend. They make arrangements with a small hotel for function space, and for three days, their friends from near and far gather to play live-action roleplaying games and other kinds of games. It's a great chance to see people we don't get to see often, and to play games we don't get to play at our local gaming store on Friday nights.

We learned six new games at TCEP: Civilization II: The Card Game (a freebie packaged with a software combo that includes all of the Sid Meier Civilization games); Galaxy Trucker (the game of assembling space freighters out of used plumbing and cruising the galaxy for loads to deliver!); Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries (a 2-3 player version of the well-known game played on a map of Scandinavia); SmallWorld (conquest in a mystery meat fantasy world); and Qwirkle Cubes (like Scrabble but with colored symbols).

It was a great, relaxing weekend. Going to work tomorrow will feel like such a drag by comparison.
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[ profile] esrblog and I just got back from a weekend at TCEP 14, a gaming relaxacon sponsored by some of our fannish friends. It was a great time--especially since they had a con suite with fresh-baked bread machine bread every three or four hours or so. (Ummmm, the chocolate bread. And the apple oatmeal.) We played lots of Puerto Rico, and Power Grid, and other favorites, and I actually won some of them.

In other news, I've been feeding an orange tabby cat that has been hanging around near our front door, in the hopes of encouraging him to get close enough that I can pet him, and perhaps take him to a vet with a view toward adopting him. We even named him Fireball. Right before we left for TCEP, however, we learned from our neighbors that Fireball isn't a he. She's a she, and she recently had kittens in a hole near the wall of our house. (I'd seen the hole, but I didn't realize that it was a cat that had made it.) They haven't seen anything of the kittens since shortly after the birth--bad news for them, probably. :-(

So Fireball was just using me to get enough food for her litter; she's not really interested in us after all. I feel a bit betrayed, illogical though that sounds.
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