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It's a Wednesday night, and they're predicting a foot of wet snow for tomorrow. Except the storm may miss us. Or not. Or we may get a boatload of cold rain, first.

Enough already.
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It's Presidents' Day, and I'm home because that's one of the few federal holidays for which we close our law office.

It's about 4:30 P.M. and ... it's snowing. AGAIN.

Supposedly, we aren't going to get more than 2-4 inches, but it's getting kind of old hat, watching the snow fall. Heck, we only cleared the last ice off of our driveway this morning!
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It's about 11:30 P.M. here. I just looked out onto my door step, and saw this. Here's a view of a bit of our street, as seen from my front door; the hillock at the left front foreground is my car, believe it or not.

I can't show you much more than this, without either shoveling my walk (not bloody likely, with this much snow at this hour) or plunging into knee-deep snow (equally unlikely). However, this is a view of our immediate neighborhood from early this afternoon, and here is our longest icicle to date.
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Wasn't it last weekend that I saw some reference on a blog to the fact that most of the last 15 big blizzards have been on weekends?

I should have said at the time--be careful what you wish for.... It's 5:00 P.M. here, and still snowing intensely. Because we haven't shoveled much today (my muscle pull is still recovering, and ESR is trying not to get one), and haven't been far from the front door, it's hard to judge--but we've gotten over a foot since last night, at least. It might be more. And it hasn't looked as though it might be stopping since around lunchtime when it slowed to a flurry. We thought that might be the end of it. Silly us.

If this goes on till midnight we will have two feet of new snow, and might be heading toward three.

At least we have food, warmth, and each other. And the cat.
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If you live on the East Coast, particularly if you live between Washington D.C. and New York, you know that yesterday things shut down for a huge blizzard. I figure we got about 2 feet, here in Malvern.

[ profile] esrblog and I decided to pretend we were in the Poconos, shut in cozily with a lot of food and our cat. It was wonderful. (Or, at least, it was wonderful until I pulled a muscle just above my right hip shoveling snow. Ow.) He wrote about it in his blog, here.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures right after the snow stopped, when the piles of snow on the roof looked like sculpted sand dunes. [ profile] pmat said that there likely was no rush to do so, because the weather forecast was for temperatures below freezing until Thursday.

Apparently the forecast lied. It's Sunday afternoon, and about 35 degrees Fahrenheit here. Notable meltage is occurring, blurring the snow-dune effect and helping wonderfully with clearing the roads.

Still, I took some photographs of my house. This one shows off the enormous icicles that have been developing as the snow on the roof melts, drips and refreezes. (We knocked away the ones right over the door, in the interest of self-preservation.) This one shows one of our pines, still ornamented with a little ice and snow.

I couldn't get good shots of the roof, and without the dune effect there wasn't much point to trying, but this one and this one show the entire house and immediate surroundings. This last one shows the area near my door, rather like the shot of my Christmas decorations from December.

So the blizzard is over, and the melting has begun. I only hope we don't get a torrential rain this week, to hurry the process and overload the water table.
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