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Those of my LJ friends who are aware of my interest in historic costume may wonder why I never discuss historic costume on this LJ.

There's a very simple reason for that. Most of my LJ friends are people who have met me in the flesh, and don't simply know me from the Internet. None of those friends are people with whom I've ever discussed historic costume, and many of them would be bored by it.

Those of my LJ friends who are interested in historic costume are people I've met through my pursuit of historic costume information on the Internet. I value their posts, and the information they have provided me over the years, greatly. In fact, one reason I founded my costume blog, Loose Threads: Yet Another Costuming Blog, is to make a convenient forum to discuss those interests outside of the mundane concerns of my domestic life, and the occasional movie review.

Anyway, if any of you would like to see any costume-related posts in this LJ, please comment below. If you're just as happy with my separate-blogs-for-separate-needs approach, feel free to comment and say that as well.
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Most of you won't care about this one, since it relates to my historic costuming hobby, but I just had to jump in. Thanks to [ profile] mccadieux, who got this from somebody else.

1. What is the unfinished project that looms over you? Bonus points if you can remember how long you have been avoiding it.
I have at least two of about the same vintage. One is a complete Birka-style Viking costume, from the skin out, which I've been "working" on (i.e., planning and buying fabric) for about 4 years. The other is an 1840s ballgown, which I meant to make for a LARP in 2002, for which I bought the pattern and materials and never started. My other projects are all more recent.

2. What is your secret sewing vice? It could be anything from not pressing seams to cutting against the grain. It’s the thing you do that’s wrong—and you don’t care!
I almost never finish seams. The seams of my garments tend to have seam allowances of varying width along their length and look as though the fabric was cut with a butter knife.

3. Which of your sewing friends do you envy and why?
[ profile] mccadieux and [ profile] jenthompson, because they are true perfectionists who not only try to sew it right, but to do so in the most historic manner possible. I like to know what the right method is, but caring about actually *doing* it (let alone doing it consistently) is beyond me. :-)

4. If you could steal any costume sewn by anyone you know—and that includes in the LJ sense of the word—what would it be and who made it?
You mean, assuming it would fit me? Probably one of [ profile] mccadieux's 15th century wool gowns.

5. You’re stumped about how to proceed on a project, so you ask for advice from your pin posse. What is the WORST advice you received?
I don't think I've ever asked for sewing advice--which is another of my vices.

6. You worked hard on the costume, got it finished, and now you hate it and never wear it. What is it?
The pink 1890's ballgown I made for another LARP. It's way too short (even after I sewed ribbon on the bottom of the hem ruffle) and the bodice gapes hugely around the neckline. I wore it through the game, but I'll make another gown if I need a ballgown for an 1890's LARP again.

7. Have you ever had a costume you made implode—while you were wearing it? Do tell!
No, though I've had plenty that slipped or slid and didn't quite want to stay put when they were on.

8. You know you shouldn’t wear it—the costume is soooo unflattering--but you love it and wear it anyway. What is it?
My gold "Eura" style dress.

9. Complete the sentence: I know I’m a costume whore because…?
I will cheerfully make any kind of historic costume, even for periods in which I have little interest, at the slightest provocation.

10. You are at some kind of costumed event. You are trussed up in the pranciest of your prancy costumes. You are wearing a wig. And feathers. You see a work colleague. Do you step forward boldly and claim your geekitude, or do you flee?
I sure do. In fact, I've done this. I met a former college professor I had while dressed for a classical Roman LARP, and I've worn my faux 17th century gown to a work party.
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