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It wasn't bad enough that [ profile] esrblog spent a lot of last week sick. On Thursday, we had to take our cat, Sugar, to the veterinary emergency room.

[ profile] esrblog and Sugar had been entertaining our friend, Ken, when I came home from work a little after 7 p.m. Since they had already eaten dinner, I took the liberty of heading to dinner by myself. Sugar, what little I got to see of her at that point, seemed fine.

As I was driving home from dinner at about 9:15, [ profile] esrblog called me to tell me Sugar seemed to be in a lot of pain. She started yowling when one touched her left hindquarter a bit after I left, and now was sufficiently unhappy to be attempting to hide. Since Sugar is not the kind of cat that hides, [ profile] esrblog took this as a sign of a serious problem.

So did I. We estimate that Sugar is about 14 years old, well into old age by feline standards. Had she fractured or dislocated her hip by jumping off something after I left? Such things happen to elderly human women, and often spell The Beginning of the End, even though it is much easier to treat bone injuries in women than in cats.

I gave [ profile] esrblog my vet's number. Not that the vet would be open, but his answering machine, I knew, had the number of the local emergency veterinary care service, and we could get that and prepare to take Sugar there.

By the time I arrived home 10 minutes later, [ profile] esrblog had talked to the emergency service people and told them to expect us in about 45 minutes.

Things didn't work out that way, because Sugar figured out we were trying to corral her for some reason and hid behind our waterbed, and it took awhile before we all chilled enough to get her to come out. Interestingly, the act of putting her into the cat carrier didn't elicit any howls of pain (though I took care not to touch her hindquarters), just the usual noises of protest.

At the emergency room, we hung out for about a half an hour while the vet on call examined Sugar throughly and took an x-ray. Finally, the vet came out to talk to us. She explained that there was no sign of broken bones or any cut or external injury to the skin. There was also no sign of dislocation; she had tugged gently on Sugar's leg, and physically examined her tail, without eliciting any signs of distress.

The vet theorized that it might have been a muscle sprain or pull of some kind. She said she'd give Sugar an injection for pain, and that we should discourage her from using stairs or jumping on things for about 48 hours. She also said she'd fax her report to our regular vet so we can follow up.

So we moved her food dishes to the kitchen, and put a spare litter box in the bathroom. Sugar limped a bit the rest of the night, but otherwise now seemed normal, if a bit confused because of the drug injection.

I stayed home from work Friday morning to watch her and be ready if another Emergency Vet Visit was in order, but by morning she seemed normal. A day later, she is padding around, jumping on and off our bed, and using both upstairs and downstairs litterboxes indiscriminately as if nothing had happened.

Though I'm relieved, I'm also puzzled. I think I'll call my vet on Monday morning and see what he thinks and whether I should bring her in for another examination.
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