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It's nearly dark in Malvern now, and the first trick-or-treaters have visited us. In honor of the holiday, I figured I'd gratify my friend Craig by posting links to a few photos of my neighbor's Halloween yard decorations.

This one is a long view of the home in question, showing the entire yard, as you walk there from my place. I apologize for the quality; the parents and kids were about to come out (including at my subject's home) and I was not up to coming up with a good reason for why I was taking photos of the guy's house. (He doesn't like me much, for reasons I don't want to get into here.)

This shot shows the tree ghosts pretty well. Here's a shot of just the house from directly across the street; the orange blaze in the front window is the Halloween tree. This shot, taken from a different angle, doesn't show the Halloween tree as well but does a great job of showing off the scarecrow couple swinging from the tree near the curb.

Don't think this neighbor is the only Malvernian who decorates for the holiday, though. Here's a tasteful home on nearby King Street. Even my next door neighbor (the one who wishes I'd tame my bushes more) gets into the act; I assume she does it for the sake of her grandchildren.

I could have snapped pictures of more decorated homes. There are more people than these who decorate for Halloween in Malvern (though not as many as those who decorate for Christmas). But by the time I got these shots, it was getting too dark to get even middling photographs.

Anyway, have a great Halloween holiday!
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...and the Phillies may well win the World Series. Again. And the resulting victory celebration will make it nearly impossible for me to get to work. Again.

... and my neighbor down the street has pulled out all the stops in decorating his home and yard. (Yes, there's even more stuff up now than there was when I commented on his decorating efforts in my last blog entry.) He has orange lights on all the bushes. He has orange witch ghosts and white tulle ghosts on the trees. The trees also feature what looks from a distance like scraps of Dalmatian fur but on closer inspection turn out to be small fabric ghosts, with bats printed on them in black. There is a Halloween tree in the front window, with orange lights and little skeletons and pumpkins.

...and it will probably be cancelled due to rain, at this rate. Today, we had a little moat in front of our front door. It didn't last, but in light of the areas of the local roads that were under several inches of water, it was troubling.

I used to like Halloween; it was one of my favorite holidays when I was a kid. But this year, all I can think is, "Meh. I'll be relieved when it's over."

EDIT: I forgot to mention the purple witch hats on the ghosts. Particularly the little ghosts with bats printed on their sheets.
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Those of my readers who share my interest in costume are probably wondering what I dressed up as for Halloween.

The short answer is that I didn't dress up; my husband and I went to our local game store for a night of board gaming instead. That was partly because there weren't any Halloween parties in the area, and partly because going door-to-door for candy has no appeal for me.

But it was also because I had already had my Halloween scare. No, it had nothing to do with the U.S. presidential election, or the economy. It had no connection with Sarah Palin, or Barack Obama, or John McCain.

What gave me that frisson of fright was... the Phillies. Or, more precisely, the celebratory parade for the 2008 Phillies team (our local baseball team, for non-sports and non-American readers) which just won the World Series championship. To spare those of my readers who don't care about parades, or sports, and don't want my rant to take up valuable real estate on their friends page, I will put the rest under an LJ-cut.

Duck the confetti! )
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I just got to see the home with the Halloween tree by daylight.

In addition to the orange lights (which were turned off because it was daytime), it has little plastic jack o' lanterns and skeletons hanging on it.

Dear God.
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I spoke prematurely, in my last post.

My neighbor has put up more Halloween decorations. There are ghost witches, pumpkinheads, and ghost-ghosts hanging on his trees. He's strung orange lights on his shrubs. And, yes, there *is* a Halloween tree in his front window, just aglow with orange lights.

Arrrgh. At this rate, I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving.
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In honor of Halloween, I'm going to horrify you with two more weird products that also shouldn't exist.

Black cherry citrus Fresca. I'm not kidding. It's part of a new ad campaign for Fresca. They also have a peach citrus flavor now in addition to the ordinary, vaguely grapefruity flavor. But black cherry citrus? It's just wrong. If you have flash, check out

Even stranger: Steak and Worcestershire flavored potato chips. It was bad enough when they made dill pickle flavored chips. Now they want to cut out the meat part too!

And on that note: Happy Halloween!
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