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I truly got lucky. After Summer Weapons Retreat, while [ profile] esrblog and I were still in Michigan, I managed to instigate an expedition with a subset of my out-of-town friends to see "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the movie version of book 6 and the latest Harry Potter film to hit the theaters.

I enjoyed the film, with some reservations that I can't explain without venturing pretty deep into SpoilerLand. I can say three things without spewing spoilers:

* The casting continues to be superb.
* Director Yates continues to film in what a famous film critic has aptly described as a palette of "lead and sepia".
* Yates's approach to this movie gives us a vital clue as to how he is likely to film the two remaining movies (i.e., the two movies we've been told will be made from Book 7).

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I have just finished reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the conclusion of the seven-volume saga.

It would be a gross dishonor to everyone who loves the books to give spoilers, or any details at all. One needs to appreciate it for oneself. And if you are avoiding spoilers do not read the Wikipedia entry on the book, as it contains way, way, too much information about the plot.

All I will say is, wow. And brava, Ms. Rowling.
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Our friends are going to a festival for the movie "The Blob" in Phoenixville, PA, where "The Blob" was originally filmed. They are going to see "The Order of the Phoenix" next weekend.

So I have the choice of going just with [ profile] esrblog this weekend (which will mean he will want to pass on an expedition next weekend) or waiting till next weekend for the big, friendly fun movie expedition.

Arrrgh. The agony of indecision....
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Two strange phenomena I've noticed lately.

* The U.S. Post Office has decided to decorate some of its mailboxes in imitation of R2D2. I saw one of the newly-redone mailboxes about 3 blocks from my Philadelphia office just the other day. It looks...just like a mailbox dressed up like R2D2, probably because mailboxes don't have the right shape to properly emulate our favorite 'bot.

* Today I saw an ad on Chester County Book & Music Company's "community bulletin board" for a Harry Potter summer camp. I just consulted my friend Google and learned that this is not just a local phenomenon; such camps are springing up all over:

Triumphs of geek culture? Maybe. What do you think?
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Or at least that's what Rowling's accountants are probably calling it, particularly in light of the fact that it made its debut right before Thanksgiving weekend. The rest of the world knows this movie as "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," and I finally got to see it today. Twice. (Well, I had two different sets of friends I wanted to see it with, and the logistics worked out that they wanted to see it on the same day.)

Contrary to the critics whose reviews of the movie I've read thus far, I thought that "Goblet of Fire" was better than the first two movies, but not quite as good as "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." A large part of the reason is that there are several very disparate plot threads going on in "Goblet of Fire", and despite all the cutting the scriptwriter did it remains difficult to weave the threads into a unified whole. On the other hand, Newell and company handle the dawning of our heroes' sexual maturity very convincingly and sensitively, and the visual effects and casting (there are several new characters here) continue to be first-rate.

Because I can't say more without giving away details unique to the movie, I'll put the rest of my comments under an lj-cut.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't click here! )
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And now--another two years to wait and find out how it all comes out. Arrgh.
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Ordered "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" from They offered it for sale at $17.99 and if you agreed to pay for shipping, promised that your copy would be shipped to arrive on July 16.

It arrived this morning. Bwahaha!

[goes back to reading.]
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