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[ profile] esrblog and I were supposed to be at Lunacon by now.

But Lunacon is in New York State, back at its old location, the Rye Town (a/k/a "Escher") Hilton, nearly a three-hour drive from here. And it's been sleeting, continuously, for the past 16 hours or so.

It became clear, when I got home from work at 4:30 (because the train was a half-hour later than it was supposed to be) that it would be folly to try to drive three hours north, into *more* snow, on roads that were three-or-more-inches deep in sleet.

So we changed our reservation at the hotel to a one-night reservation, chipped the Land Shark free of ice, and drove carefully toward West Chester, where we found to our dismay that our favorite eatery there, the Magnolia Grill at the Chester County Book and Music Company, was closed. After driving all that way from home over the freezing slush, it seemed silly to go home hungry, so we plunged on into downtown West Chester and had a lovely meal at an "Irish pub" type of restaurant called Kildare's, and ended up going to our favorite Friday night hangout, Games Keep, where we found the proprietor alone (unusual for a Friday night, which is an open gaming night).

Three hours later, after a game of India Rails (which [ profile] esrblog won, naturally) we headed home, carefully barreling over the icy roads in the Land Shark, which performed like a trooper, though it refused to drive into the now nearly six inches of sleet covering the driveway.

So we're safe and warm at home. I hoped we could make it to the convention tomorrow afternoon, but that's not looking likely right now. Sigh.
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It's been about six weeks since I bought the Land Shark, and it's already been back to the dealership twice.

Not for anything major; it runs just fine.

The first time, I took it in to fix the problem with getting it to shift gear into Park. The sporting lads at the dealership lubed the relevant parts, but told me that they couldn't reproduce the problem; for them, it worked just fine.

While I tried to decide whether to bring it back and force them to watch *me* do the shifting, to see if there was something I was doing wrong, we had a snow fall followed by a cold snap. On a Saturday afternoon, after the snow had (mostly) melted, I opened the rear passenger door on the driver's side--and could NOT get it to close again. It would not latch. We tried duct taping it shut, and it flew open while I was trying to make a (rather sedate) right turn. Eventually, our friend [ profile] shakati got it to close and lock, but then could not get it unlocked again. That was fine with me, so long as it didn't pop open in traffic while I drove it to the dealership the following Monday.

The lads at the dealership lubed the latch, and when I got back the following day to reclaim the car, told me that they hadn't been able to reproduce the problem. It worked just fine. I insisted on opening and closing the door in front of the manager on duty before I left with the car, and it was true; the door was opening, closing, and locking just fine.

This past Saturday, I took the car through a car wash to get rid of the accumulated road salt. It got 10 degrees colder by nightfall, and as [ profile] esrblog and I were about to leave after visiting [ profile] shakati and [ profile] pmat, I opened the same door, tried to close it...and it wouldn't latch. I reentered their home, complaining to the gods, and out of the goodness of his heart [ profile] shakati went outside and tried the door himself.

He reported that it was working just fine. "Try slamming it a bit hard next time it does that," he suggested.

I had. Both times.

What I am thinking of doing is buying a car cover. Ice inside my door's edges appears to be an unusually bad thing with this car.
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