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From tonight's MMA class. Written down mostly for my reference.

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Meanwhile, I continue to acquire real-life advances to my personal Dangerous quality at MMA class. I intend to sum up the techniques we learned tonight for my own edification, but will place them under an lj-cut for those of my friends who have no interest in same.

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Interesting useful stuff.
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More MMA. Tonight's class was all floor work. The last half of class was the jiu jitsu equivalent of sparring which, when I partner with [ profile] esrblog as I did tonight, meant "figure out how I can get 3,000 pounds of Tigger off of my back without actually breaking anything in the process. :-)

After getting a little advice from one of the senior students, I was at least able to wriggle my way out from underneath the Great Man Mountain. [ profile] esrblog was pleased. After class, he remarked, "you made me work harder than any of the other students I partnered with tonight." That was neat, since all of the other students he had partnered with were 1) male, and 2) taller, stronger and heavier than I.

Maybe I do have a future in MMA.
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In MMA class tonight, one of our "warm-up" exercises consisted of picking up a classmate in a fireman's carry, taking him across the classroom (a distance of about 15 feet) and back before setting him back on his feet. The idea was for each of us to lift each of our fellow classmates at least once.

There were four people in the class: me, [ profile] esrblog, a tall but painfully skinny young man named Will, and a taller, more muscular (but still skinny) young man named Josh.

If my endocrinologist's scale doesn't lie, I currently weigh about 140 pounds in the t-shirt and yoga pants I wear for practice. Will probably weighs much the same, maybe a bit more. Josh, I was later told, weighs about 170. I have no idea what [ profile] esrblog weighs, at this point.

We started out with Will. I had no problems.

Josh was next. He was a bit tougher to lift, and obviously heavier, but I still succeeded okay.

I tried to lift [ profile] esrblog, but it was not to be. So the instructor had me lift Will again.

By common consent, the exercise terminated before it was my turn to be lifted. Just as well--that would have been too easy.

We learned some nifty choke techniques, and then spent about 5 minutes grappling with a partner. Great fun. I expect to complete the process of getting my breath back before bedtime.

But it was fun, and it's certainly building my muscles, at least. Perhaps I'll be a jumbo shrimp, some day.
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This is the third week [ profile] esrblog and I have been back in martial arts training. This time, we're studying what they call "MMA" or mixed martial arts, which combines Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques with ordinary kicking and punching.

The fun thing is that no two classes are alike. That's partly because our school is very small (there probably aren't more than about 8 MMA students other than us, and not all of them come to every class we attend), but it's also due to the philosophy behind the style--learning how to combine techniques that will help you if you end up on the ground, instead of sticking to stuff you do while on your feet.

Tonight, we practiced some boxing (yes, boxing) punching drills, did some elementary Thai kickboxing drills, and finished up by practising a floor technique called an arm bar. Actually, the very last thing we did was writhe down the length of the mat (about 20 feet) and back, using a technique our instructor called the "shrimp", which is useful for sliding out of a wrestling hold. You place one foot flat on the floor, knee bent, with the foot as close to your buttocks as possible, and use it to push the hip on that side outward and away. Done without a partner, the motion looks a bit like the way shrimp move when they swim, hence the name.

I can just tell I'll be stiff tomorrow, but it will be worth it as I toughen myself up and increase my overall strength. My new battle cry is "I are a happy shrimp!"
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