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Tonight, [ profile] esrblog and [ profile] shakati and I went to see Kung Fu Panda, the latest Dreamworks effort. ([ profile] pmat, unfortunately, was feeling subpar due to allergies and decided to stay home.)

During the first few scenes, I thought, "Oh no, please, not a Forbidden Kingdom retread with animated animals!"

Fortunately, it wasn't. It was, in some ways, much better than Forbidden Kingdom. The kung fu was about the same (which is impressive, considering that all of the characters in Kung Fu Panda are animated non-human animals). But this movie was better written, and better plotted, than Forbidden Kingdom,and contains some genuine, well-expressed bits of real world wisdom as well. [ profile] esrblog thought it was comparable in some ways to The Incredibles, though not *quite* as good, and I agree.

If you loved The Incredibles, and kung fu movies don't totally alienate you, go see Kung Fu Panda. It packs a lot of fun, and a little bit of wisdom, into its 88-minute running time. As the ads say, "Prepare for awesomeness."

And keep your eyes peeled for the chopstick duel. Rest assured, when you see the movie, you'll know exactly what I mean.
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Our friends are going to a festival for the movie "The Blob" in Phoenixville, PA, where "The Blob" was originally filmed. They are going to see "The Order of the Phoenix" next weekend.

So I have the choice of going just with [ profile] esrblog this weekend (which will mean he will want to pass on an expedition next weekend) or waiting till next weekend for the big, friendly fun movie expedition.

Arrrgh. The agony of indecision....
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Last night, for a change of pace, Eric and I caught Terry Gilliam's latest movie, "The Brothers Grimm." I wasn't too optimistic, since I didn't like Brazil, the last Terry Gilliam movie I'd seen, but the preview looked good enough that it seemed worth a try.

I was glad we went. Gilliam's premise, in case you have missed the previews, is that the brothers of the title are really con men. Their game is to use fireworks, pulleys, dummies and other pre-Victorian gadgetry to embody the "witches", "trolls" and other supernatural menaces that the peasants still believe in. Then they ask the town fathers for gold so that they can vanquish the monsters. The movie takes off when our heroes are forced to confront the supernatural for real.

Believe me, none of this counts as spoiler material.

The rest of the story interweaves our heroes' interactions with real-world political authorities (the story is set in French-occupied Germany in the 1820s) with their interactions with the supernatural visitants. Gilliam takes delight in shoehorning in references to just about every single Grimm's Fairy Tale and recombining the bits in ways the real-world tellers of fairy tales probably never imagined. The acting is reasonably good, and there is a surprising amount of psychological depth to the story. Dark comedy, too. But like most of the Grimm's tales, it has a happy ending. The only drawback to the movie from my point of view is that some of the scenes, without being noticeably gory at all, are pretty gross. (No, I won't explain that here.)

The movie is nearly gone from the theaters, but I recommend that you go see it if you can, before "Serenity", "Wallace and Gromit", "Narnia" and the better films expected this winter start coming out. It's a fine bit of fun to start the fall with.
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