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For many months, my house has suffered from a strange leak onto the ceiling above the basement window. (This matters more than you might think--I have a full, finished basement that we use as a kind of recreation room.) It usually (but not always) materialized when we had a long, soaking rain, sometimes (but only sometimes) coming in badly enough to soak the ceiling tile and wet the windowsill below (which is already looking the worse for wear--sigh).

[EDIT: This isn't the first time I've tried to do something about this leak. I'd previously called in my regular Handyman Guy, but he wasn't able to trace the origin of the leak, and his suggestion--replacing the gutters that run across the rear side of my house--is expensive and didn't appear as though it would be successful.]

This morning, I had two guys my regular Handyman Guy recommended come in to look at it. It appears that there's something called a "toilet vent pipe" that connects to this area and has a cracked gasket. There's also a crack in the area around my chimney also (something Handyman Guy had put in a temporary fix on in order to halt the leak in [ profile] esrblog's office). They can fix both pretty cheaply next week. Yay!

In other news, my neighbor down the block now has his turkeys and Pilgrims in place for Thanksgiving.
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To all who read this, Happy Thanksgiving!

We have just come home from [ profile] esrblog's mother's home, where we had the first of our Thanksgiving-dinners-that-can't-be-beat for this year. With us is his brother, a recent Linux convert, whose laptop is refusing to handle wireless Internet, among other things. [ profile] esrblog is helping him troubleshoot the problem.

Among the things I have to be thankful for--my e-mail works again! It's coming in, and not bouncing--though KMail continues to crash regularly.
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Yes, amid the movie watching and other activity, we had Thanksgiving dinner. Twice, in fact; one on The Day, with [ profile] esrblog's mother and siblings, and once on Saturday, with [ profile] pmat and [ profile] shakati and their family and friends. Friday we spent at our favorite games store, The Games Keep, LLC, in West Chester, PA, gaming through the afternoon and evening. Today, we will probably eat leftovers and, if we're lucky, get in more gaming with [ profile] pmat and [ profile] shakati and the rest of their family and friends.

To all who may read this: I hope you had as happy a Thanksgiving!
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Tonight is rainy and windy out, and nothing much is happening, so it's as good a time as any to talk about how I spent my Thanksgiving, since I was too busy at the time to do so.

Thursday at noon Eric and I convened, with most of the rest of his siblings and his niece and nephew, at his mother's home for a traditional Thanksgiving turkey with the trimmings. After dinner, we watched a nature photographer named Austin Stevens wrestle with extremely poisonous snakes for awhile. Later on, Eric and I seized control of the remote (something that almost never happens at these family get-togethers) and found a station that was showing James Bond films all day. We caught the tail end of "For Your Eyes Only" and watched all of "A View to a Kill," which was so unbelievably bad that it was absolutely fascinating.

During the Bond marathon, we saw a TV ad for John Cusack's new movie, "The Ice Harvest". Since it was still early and I didn't have to go to work the next day, we decided to go see it. The commercial we had seen suggested that it might be another black comedy like "Grosse Pointe Blank", which is still one of my favorite movies of all time. Unfortunately, the greatest resemblance between "Ice Harvest" and "Grosse Pointe Blank" was the protagonist's wardrobe.

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