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If LiveJournal folds (not that I'm convinced it will), I'll probably start a new blog at Blogger or InsaneJournal. Which I pick will likely depend on where most of my friends go and/or which site's software and policies annoy me the least.

I refuse to decide right now, or open precautionary accounts and mirror my current blog. I don't blog enough for that to make sense to me.
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Unsurprisingly, the news that LiveJournal has been sold to a Russian media conglomerate has startled a lot of people.

Some of those are my friends, and some of those friends are planning to move their blogs from LiveJournal.

Now, I've never given LiveJournal a dime in my life. All I have ever had is a basic account, and I don't see that changing. That's because I didn't get into LiveJournal because I wanted to write for the Internet--I'd set up elsewhere if I wanted that. I joined LiveJournal because a number of my friends had LiveJournal accounts, and it gave me an opportunity to let them know how I am, and keep tabs on what's new with them, all in one convenient place.

But even before Six Apart sold LJ, that was changing. Now [ profile] landley is using his development log as a blog, [ profile] fadethecat is moving her blog to her own site, and other friends of mine are thinking of boycotting SUP, for various reasons.

This wouldn't affect my blogging, per se. But it will make it more challenging to keep up with my friends. And once that happens....maybe I should move too.

That's more work than I want to think about doing over Christmastime. Arrrgh.
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Happy New Year, everybody!

Yes, I know that I haven't updated this journal since 2005. (December 31, 2005, to be exact.) Sorry about that.

I haven't done much on LiveJournal because [ profile] landley was staying with us until the 8th, and after he left to get ready for his move to Pittsburgh Eric spent nearly a week working in New York, so I've been working late, and when I've been home I've been too tired to LiveJournal. Last weekend, I spent the time I might have spent LiveJournaling doing updates on a site I help to moderate, MedCos, a resource and mailing list site for people interested in historic costume from before 1600 C.E. By way of apology, here's a brief catch-up/catchall post on personal news.

Eric's laptop refused to boot one morning about a week ago. It refused even to be turned on. I took it back to the repair job where we'd just gotten the new system board replaced, and scowled at them. The tech removed the board and the battery, put both back in, and the machine powered up and worked fine. And continues to work fine, so far. Cost = $0. (Insert deep sigh of relief here).

Meanwhile, the insurance company where Eric fell and dropped his laptop (see this entry) has agreed to cover the repair bill provided that he signs a release. He was just about to do that....the day his laptop refused to boot. Fearing that we would need to increase our demand to cover additional repairs, we held off on sending out the release. Now, we just have to get the release signed and mailed.

But probably not tonight. Tomorrow, we fly out to ConFusion. So naturally I'm typing this instead of getting last-minute tasks done, thanks to a certain friend who nudged me to post. [ profile] metalfatigue0, I'm going to make you pay for this! :-)
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