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Today was a quiet day, even though we were out and about quite a bit.

Because the gathering with [ profile] esrblog's family got a late start, we were able to stop in at Terry Pratchett's signing after all. He looked tired, and a bit frail, and had clearly lost some weight since we last saw him. We shook his hand right before he gave his talk, and he said he was "bushed." Since he had a speech to give and we had a gathering to go to (and there were no seats left for his talk anyway), we left.

We came back to Chester County Book & Music Company about two hours later for food (since my meat-eating husband didn't get quite enough food at the family gathering), and Terry was still signing books. We hung out with friends until 4:45 p.m., and Terry was just finishing up the signing. Out of sympathy for his exhaustion, we didn't attempt to talk with him again. [ profile] esrblog did introduce himself to Terry's publicist, and in doing so learned that about 250 books were signed at today's event. Apparently that pales in comparison to Terry's signing of yesterday, where he signed about 700 books. He is heading to New York City for a big signing tomorrow.

Poor Terry. On the other hand, I'm pleased that his books are selling so well.
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"Empire of Ivory," the latest of Naomi Novik's books, and the latest Tiffany Aching novel, "Wintersmith," both turned up in mass market paperback form at my favorite bookstore, Chester County Book & Music Company, today. So I bought a copy of each, and am devouring "Wintersmith" at a frenetic pace.

Unfortunately, I may end up missing the chance to see Terry Pratchett at CCBM&C after all. Turns out that a family gathering at [ profile] esrblog's place, which was originally scheduled for this afternoon, is now scheduled for 1:00 P.M.

We'll see whether I can manage to catch the tail end of Terry's appearance. If not, well, at least I have the book. :-)
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Here's proof positive that my favorite bookstore, Chester County Book & Music Company, is the best bookstore in the world. Terry Pratchett is coming to Chester County Book & Music Company on September 30 for a signing of his latest Discworld novel, "Making Money." As the store's web site puts it:

Fantasy master TERRY PRATCHETT visits to sign and discuss his wildly entertaining and funny new novel, MAKING MONEY, at 1:00 PM. Terry Pratchett's novels have been translated into more than two dozen languages and have sold over 45 million copies. In addition to his bestselling series about the fantastical flat planet Discworld, he has written several children's books, including the books of the Bromeliad Trilogy: TRUCKERS, DIGGERS, and WINGS. He has also written three award-winning volumes about the young witch Tiffany Aching: THE WEE FREE MEN, A HAT FULL OF SKY, and WINTERSMITH. Mr. Pratchett has also been awarded the Carnegie Medal, Britain's highest honor for a children's novel, for THE AMAZING MAURICE AND HIS EDUCATED RODENTS.

Since CCB&MC is practically in my backyard, and the signing is on a Sunday, at about the time when we'd be there for brunch *anyway*, naturally [ profile] esrblog and I will be there. If we're lucky, we'll get to say "hi" (we've met him personally a number of times in connection with Penguicon and other events) and if we're really lucky he might have a few minutes to visit us and meet our cat (highly unlikely, but we did e-mail him an invitation).

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